Sunday, January 8, 2017

19-22 Weeks

I can't believe how quickly the last month has flown by! That's the holidays for you, I suppose. We had a wonderful Christmas with my family and New Years with Mike's family (of course, I took zero pictures). And we were both off from work for the majority of those two weeks. Such a nice break from work!! And in the midst of all that, I hit 20 weeks ... we're more than halfway there!
Some of baby's Christmas haul
Last week we had a fetal echocardiogram which is standard for IVF patients. Basically, it was a 30 minute ultrasound focused only on the heart. Everything looked great. They didn't see anything abnormal. Love to hear that! And love to see the baby, of course :) I'm thinking this could be our last ultrasound which makes me slightly sad. I will ask the doctor at my next appointment. The nurse only gave us two images ... both in 3D and one is technically a video. Baby had his feet up by his head ... so flexible!

I'm finally starting to get more of a belly. And I'm feeling baby kick lots these days which is fun. Mike especially enjoys when the baby kicks me :-P I also think I might be having Braxton Hicks contractions (another question for the doctor!). Since around 18 weeks, from time to time I will feel a lot of pressure in my uterus and if I put my hand on my stomach, it feels like there is a hard rock in my abdomen. It usually relaxes after 15 or 20 seconds. At first I thought it was just baby moving around, but now that I've been reading about Braxton Hicks, I'm thinking that's what I'm feeling. Crazy! 
Don't make fun of my selfie skills!
We are also in the midst of a remodel on our main floor bathroom. I'm so done with dust and contractors! But it will be worth it in the end ... I hope! Here are some before (goodbye, pink monster!) and during photos.

This weekend I started my baby registries and can I just say that it is way more stressful than fun?! I am having to research every little thing. SO MANY CHOICES! Ugh. So here are my questions for all the moms who read this: what is the one baby item you couldn't live without and what did you hardly (or never!) use?