Monday, June 6, 2016

Total Shit Show

As predicted, today was a total insurance shit show. I needed one prescription today and I need the other on Wednesday. Regarding the one that I needed today and for which the doctor sent in a prescription on Friday, "Yes, I see the prescription, but there was no ORDER placed for the medication. The doctor can send in a prescription, but you have to call in and order it. It's for your own protection since you are the one paying for the medication." ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! Excuse me for thinking that you work like every other pharmacy I have ever used in my life which fills a prescription upon receiving it. Seriously?! The doctor's office actually sells this med since insurances in general are stupid, so I went ahead and bought it there ... it was double my co-pay, but I don't even care. And the other prescription? "The preauthorization on that medication is still pending. We can't place an order until then. You can call your doctor and have them call and check on it." I did this. The nurse told me that the insurance told her that it could be up to 48 hours FROM TODAY for the PA to go through. Well, isn't that convenient. It will be approved on Wednesday right when I need it! Oh wait ... silly me ... THEY CAN'T GET IT TO ME SAME DAY. I'm predicting another shit show on Wednesday.

End rant (for today).

Actually, the doctor's appointment went really well and I hate insurance for ruining my day. He said everything looked good. We have a few follicles in the running and my lining is ready. The only bad thing is that Mike is out of town (Mike, if you are reading this, the doctor would prefer if you came home early!), so our timing could be slightly off. I am stimulating for two more days and then triggering on Wednesday night. The doctor wanted me to trigger tomorrow, but life and annoying work conferences happen. Regardless, he was still very positive about everything, probably since I looked so skeptical. He said something like, "Start your progesterone on Tuesday and then you'll keep taking it until you're 13 weeks pregnant." And then he sent me off with, "We'll see you after you have your positive pregnancy test to see how many babies you're having!" Ha! Well, fingers crossed that this is our month, but toes crossed that we don't have more than one!

And in case anyone is stilled enraged about insurance (*raising my hand*), here is a video of my favorite kitty :)

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  1. What a nightmare!! But how exciting that THIS IS YOUR MONTH!!! I'm going to send double positive vibes for that sweet baby to be!! SO exciting!! Eye on the prize, baby, eye on the prize! Have a glass of wine while you are watching that sweet kitty!