Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Mike and I spent three and a half hours at the IVF center on Monday. We were both totally exhausted and overwhelmed with information when we got home. And there was one unexpected blip: the sonohysterogram showed that I have polyps again! Two months after having a polypectomy! I have no doubt that they are caused by the fertility medications, but whatever the reason, they have to come out before we can proceed. The doctor said that if I was able to schedule the surgery this week, I would still be able to move forward with an August IVF cycle, so that's what we are doing: I'm scheduled for (another!) polypectomy this Friday. At least I know what to expect this time, so I won't be as anxious.

We also have our tentative IVF schedule!
Aug 1: Baseline ultrasound
Aug 2 - 15: Stim-ing (i.e., stomach shots) and every other day appts for ultrasounds and blood draws
Week of Aug 15: Egg retrieval
4-6 days after E.R.: Embryo transfer
Then we wait ...


  1. It's good they found the polyps, though, so you didn't have a problem transfer. That would have been more disappointing, I think.

    Sending you LOTS of good vibes!! It's so soon!!