Saturday, July 30, 2016

Too Many Meds

The polypectomy went fine. Here's a pic of the polyp ultrasound image (actually mine this time!). The black spot in the middle, my uterus, is supposed to be a smooth oval shape instead of being reminiscent of a scary pumpkin mouth or the opening of a cave. Hopefully, it is much improved now!
I felt the effects of the anesthesia for a day or two longer this time, I think because I pushed myself a bit too hard, too quickly. Anyway, I'm totally recovered now and hopefully good to go for the transfer.

Not much went on this past week besides trying to get all my medication ducks in a row. I have a list of ten that I will be taking at various points in the process (in addition to prenatal vitamins and a baby aspirin, which apparently helps with fertility ... who knew?!). Some require prior authorizations which is a pain in the ass. Some have to be filled via the mail-order specialty pharmacy, while others can't be filled there at all. It's enough to make my head spin, but I mostly have it sorted out, I think ... I hope!

Next steps are my baseline blood work and ultrasound on Monday, and then I'm scheduled to start stimulation meds the following Saturday.


  1. I hope the pharmacy stuff isn't a pain for you! Wow, it's moving along fast.

  2. I'm glad the polypectomy went fine! And, damn, it's a good thing you are (1) smart and (2) organized!! All that medication sounds overwhelming, but I am glad you are handling it all in stride! Update soon!