Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Egg Retrieval

They got 28 eggs! Holy cow! I was pretty shocked to hear that when I woke up, especially since I had only had 14 follicles at my last ultrasound. Apparently, 10-14 is about average so I definitely overproduced. Unfortunately, this also puts me at a high risk for OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) where your abdominal cavity fills with fluid. They added an additional medication to my daily protocol, told me to drink a lot of Gatorade, and I have to go back on Friday for an OHSS check. I have been doing a lot of Googling about it (bad idea, I know!) and found myself in a total panic last night when I realized I was 6 lbs heavier than I was in the morning! Luckily, after a night of peeing, I was down 5 lbs this morning. Whew. I am still super bloated (I look several months pregnant) and quite uncomfortable. My ovaries hurt when I'm in a sitting position so I've been laying on the couch all day. I'm going to try to go to work tomorrow, though, so we'll see how that goes.

We should get a call from the embryologist tomorrow to let us know how everything is looking and when our transfer will be, although the nurse said before we left that with so many eggs, it will most likely be on Sunday. Depending on how the OHSS check on Friday goes, there is a chance that the transfer could be cancelled and all the embryos put on ice. If that happens, we would have a frozen embryo transfer in a month or so. Hopefully, it won't happen, but I'm putting it on my radar so that I'm not totally deflated if it does.

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  1. You are amazing!! You are totally taking this all in stride...even the panicking a little has to be normal! Thanks for continuing to post! Relax and have that wine now!