Tuesday, September 6, 2016

5 Weeks

Last night, I told Mike that I would be five weeks pregnant today and he said, "What?! How did that happen? How is that even possible?" I will admit to being similarly in denial although for a different reason: he was confused about what constitutes "day one" of pregnancy, while I am in shock that this is even real in the first place! I feel pretty normal ... maybe if you pressed me, I'd say that I'm a little more tired, have some occasional cramps, and don't have a huge appetite, but that's really it (knock on wood!). I wonder when it will start to feel real? Maybe after our first ultrasound? Once we start having to look at daycares? When my clothes don't fit anymore? Who knows the moment, but I'm sure reality will hit hard when it finally arrives. I already get anxious thinking about the whole process and all there is to be done, so for now, I will take it one day at a time.

Another milestone that I will thoroughly enjoy this week will be my freedom from the devil known as Endometrin. This is your warning to stop reading if you don't want to hear about things like suppositories and discharge! I'm about to go all TMI on you. Here we go ...

So I guess it's pretty typical after IVF to be put on some sort of progesterone supplement. From my reading, it sounds like there are three main types: oral, vaginal suppositories, and shots. Oral is the least effective and so is not used much. I've read that the shots are super painful because they are intramuscular and many women end up with soreness, bruising, and difficultly sitting. My doctor uses the suppositories (my brand is Endometrin). I am on three per day and if I only had to put up with the constant leaking throughout the day (which is pretty gross), I would a-ok. I mean, what's a little discharge after stomach shots and egg retrievals and whatnot? Unfortunately, Endometrin also causes spotting. Can I tell you how scary it was to wake up to spotting Friday morning before I got my results?! I was sure at that point that I wasn't pregnant. When the nurse called in the afternoon and gave me the news, I told her about the spotting (it had been light brownish) and she reassured me that it didn't sound concerning and that it was probably the Endometrin which can irritate your cervix. Whew! Then this weekend ... more spotting ... and this time it was PINK. Since the doctor was closed, I spent the weekend googling various combinations of "Endometrin", "spotting", "discharge", and "pink". I was mostly sure that it was the same issue as before, but the pink really threw me off. Today I called the nurse for further reassurance, and yes, apparently Endomerin can cause a whole rainbow of discharge colors. Ugh. Anyway, Thursday is my last day on those and if I could celebrate with champagne, I would. But I can't, so maybe I'll splurge and have a Fresca instead to commemorate the moment!

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  1. You totally deserve a Fresca! And even if it doesn't feel real right now, you can rest assured that it is!! SO EXCITING! Just start making a list of all the things to do, and it might start feeling really real! Ha! You're doing great! Yay, team Larsen!