Tuesday, September 27, 2016

8 Weeks

The pregnancy apps on my phone tell me that the embryo is the size of a kidney bean or a "big juicy raspberry". These two items seem quite disparate in terms of size and shape, don't they? I feel like all the pregnancy website/app companies should come together and agree on the fruits/vegetables that will be used to show human baby size progression. And why does it have to be food?! The last thing I want to do when visualizing the baby is to associate it with a food that I perhaps want to eat!

Not much to report this week. To be honest, it feels like time is creeping by. I still have a lot of anxiety about everything. I felt reassured last week after the ultrasound, but every day since, I wonder "what if something has happened in the x days since then?" Mike tells me that worrying so much won't help since it's out of my control, but it's hard to let go. I wonder if the anxiety will ever go away. I mean, even once the kid is out I'm sure I'll still be worrying about one thing or another!

I also have my first (hopefully last, too!) pregnancy cold. It sucks. Normally I would be in a NyQuil induced stupor each night, but instead I'm forced to suffer. I'm a super big fan of taking medicine in lieu of suffering, so this is really hard. I read somewhere that certain decongestants might be ok. If I'm not feeling better soon, I may call the doctor and check. At least I don't have a fever which could be bad for the embryo (silver lining?).

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  1. Pregnancy sickness is the worst! About the only thing they let you have is Tylenol, which is useless. I guess it makes you empathize with babies in their first two years of life when they can hardly have any medicine, either! Hang in there!