Friday, October 7, 2016

9 Weeks and Duluth Trip

Last weekend, we took a short trip to Duluth to see the fall colors. I still wasn't feeling great, but lodging was paid for and we were meeting another couple up there, so we went for it. Although I probably pushed myself a bit too hard on the hiking and paid for it later with a prolonged cold and sore calves, it turned out to be a really nice trip.
Our cabin had a private beach on Lake Superior
So much of our hikes was steps!
In front of High Falls at Tettegouche State Park
View from the top of the falls
Bouncy suspension bridge 
View from beginning of second hike
View from end of second hike 
Nice sunset on Saturday night
We also had another ultrasound on Wednesday. The nurse said the little guy or gal is looking perfect! You could see the little arms, legs, and the brain, and it is measuring 2.47 cm with a heart rate of 168. It was even moving around some! I was so relieved. I feel like now I might finally feel secure enough in this to start planning, reading, etc. I've also officially been discharged to my OB! I had blood work with them on Tuesday which all came back fine (except my hemoglobin is slightly low so I will be eating more hamburgers) and my first real appointment is in a couple weeks. Things are moving along!
Little cutie


  1. Woohoo! The last paragraph is great news! Even with all the planning, I can hardly believe it is happening! Wow! Yay!!

    And in the second picture, you look so sexy! Legs for miles! All the vacay pictures are beautiful!! So glad you powered through!