Friday, November 11, 2016

13-14 Weeks

I'm so glad it's the weekend ... what a completely depressing week (honestly, the first time I've really craved a glass of wine in three+ months). I could go on and on about how horrible and morally-empty Trump is, but I've been trying to bring myself out of my tears/rage cycle by focusing on Baby L. So that's what I will do here.

Last week/weekend, I headed to Louisville for a visit. I won't see my parents again until Christmas and then I'm not sure if I will be able to travel again after that. Mom may disagree, but I think she was slightly disappointed by the lack of a noticeable bump ;) Maybe at Christmas! I've read that you pop later with first babies and I'm relatively tall which affects things too. My friend Amanda at work is around my height and she said she wasn't showing until 20 weeks. I know that every pregnancy is different, so we'll see. My pants are getting a bit tight though, for sure. Anyway, the Louisville visit was really nice. I only worked half-days while I was there which allowed me to disconnect a bit and enjoy family time. My favorite thing.

While I was away, Mike was busy getting quotes for our upstairs bathroom remodel. I get stressed just thinking about the things we have to get done before baby and the holidays will slow everything down. Most of the quotes we got were totally outrageous ... the bathroom is not that big ... but we did finally find a company that seems more reasonable, so hopefully we can move forward with them soon. After the bathroom remodel, we will need to finish up the third bedroom which is currently being used as a workshop space with tools and wood scraps and sawdust everywhere. It needs to be emptied out, reframed (we want to move the closet), and drywalled. Once all that is done, I will at least feel ok about the state of the house.

On Wednesday, the day of doom and gloom, I actually got a very welcome call from the doctor. Our results from the genetic screening had come back and everything was normal: 1/10,000 chances for all the abnormalities they screen for. It's not a guarantee, of course, but still a relief nonetheless. She was also able to tell me the gender! Mike was already at work so I had this little secret all day. I bought an appropriate onesie at Target to surprise him with the news:
A little boy! We are both very excited. And now we get to start picking names!

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  1. Yay!! Boys are awesome!! You're going to have so much fun!! I'm glad you have your little guy to focus on in these crazy days!! Good luck on the remodels...I am sure they will be well worth all the efforts once they are done!!