Sunday, December 4, 2016

15-17 Weeks

I've become super delinquent with this blog, mostly because I've been working way. too. much. The deadline we are pushing towards is next week and we are almost there, so I think things will calm down after that. Thank goodness!

Our Thanksgiving break was very nice. We spent the day of Thanksgiving with Mike's family and ate lots of yummy food. The rest of the week was spent relaxing, shopping online intermittently, and putting up the Christmas tree. Some of the shopping included me caving and buying a few maternity shirts, although I really don't need them yet ... pants are what I need (mine are starting to feel a bit constrictive even though my bump is teeny tiny!), but buying pants online tends to be a nightmare for me so I thought I would go to the Mall of America at some point (hopefully AFTER the holidays).

First maternity shirt (from Target!) with bonus kitty sighting. Excuse the messy room! 
Last week we had real, custom blinds installed in the front of our house. I must be an adult because I was excessively excited about this. They were an investment, but look great! I also got to see my friend Adrian from Clemson who I hadn't seen since my wedding. He was in town for a work meeting. Christine, he hasn't changed at all! We were waiting for our table at the restaurant and he commented on how cute a girl walking by was! He also suggested Adrian as a name for the baby. Ha! Anyway, it was nice to catch up with him and he may be back in May for more work stuff. Depending on timing, he might get to meet the baby which would be fun.
Fancy pants blinds! 
We walked to US Bank Stadium. Adrian was very cold :)
In baby news, we got the results from a blood test I had at my appointment in early Nov indicating normal (low) risk for neural tube defects. Hurray! I think I'm starting to feel the little guy move a bit. I read online that it would feel like a flutter or popcorn, but for me it feels like an increase in pressure in my uterus. When I feel the pressure and I put my hand on my stomach, I sometimes feel a poke or two ... weird but cool ... and also very reassuring! This week I had an ultrasound to check on the blood clot from 11 weeks and it was totally gone. Great news! Even the doctor was surprised. She also found it amusing that I lost a few ounces over Thanksgiving ... oops ... I'm definitely not starving myself! I've only gained about two pounds so far. When I asked if she was concerned, she said that she wasn't, so that makes me feel better. I actually feel like I've gained two more pounds in the four days since that appointment! Weight gain that I can't control is still very uncomfortable for me, but I'm trying to take it in stride.
You can see some fingers and one of baby's little feet!
Don't worry! I didn't forget the baby in all my shopping :) I bought this coat for baby's first winter.
This coming Friday I have my level-two ultrasound. Expect lots more baby pictures after that one!

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  1. I'm sorry I missed this post until now! Lots in it!!

    I love the blinds! I wish we had some that came down from the top, especially in our bathroom where it would be nice to have some light without risking flashing everyone! Ha!

    Adrian was hilarious at your wedding, so I imagined that he wouldn't have change. Foshizzle. And, Adrian is a good name ;)

    Love the not-yet-baby bump!! I'm so excited to see it as it grows! And when I was pregnant with Olivia, I didn't gain almost anything until the 20-24 week time. Then, pop! Whoa!

    Love the new coat! He's going to need it! ;)