Sunday, December 11, 2016

18 Weeks

This week was a pretty good week! We hit our deadline at work, so things have been a bit calmer. I took Friday off because I had my level-two ultrasound scheduled (and I also really needed a break from working every second).

The ultrasound went fine. The doctor didn't see anything out of the ordinary which is great news! We met with a genetic counselor for almost 45 minutes beforehand and then the ultrasound itself lasted about 45 minutes. Of course, baby was moving around the whole time making pictures extremely difficult. He started out head down and then did a complete somersault to breech position.  After that, he decided to put his feet up by his face so we couldn't see his little profile. I can already tell he's going to be a handful!! 

Due to all his movement, we only got five pictures and the 3D one is not the best (apparently no one told him he was supposed to hold still for five full seconds for that one!), but here are they are (minus the one which confirms he is indeed a boy ... ha!):

I asked about his upper lip looking so swollen and the doctor said it was fine. He is still pretty small (9 oz) and has lots of growing to do, so I will try not to worry. The doctor said she was obsessed with a wonky looking pinky on her daughter and when she was born, it was totally fine. I'm glad I'm not the only mom-to-be that has these worries! I am definitely able to feel him kick now which goes a long way toward reassuring me. I still can't believe we will be halfway to meeting him in a little over a week! My bump is still tiny which makes it seem all the more surreal. 

Coming up, I have my normal doctor's appointment next week and then on Jan 5, we will have a fetal echocardiogram which is standard for IVF patients. I always look forward to another chance to see my baby :)

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  1. Yay for reassurance!! And what a sweet little foot in the first photo! Woo hoo for being almost halfway!!