Monday, April 4, 2016

New Insurance Part 2

So the "specialty pharmacy" that I'm supposed to be using now is a mail-order pharmacy.  I called them today because I needed more vials of the med (more on that below).  Apparently, the fastest they can get any drug to anybody is the next day.  I was literally losing it on the phone because this lady was giving me zero options other than a one-time override (keyword: one-time) that would allow me to pick it up at a brick and mortar pharmacy.  "Ok.  That's fine, but this is going to happen every time I get this prescription.  They prescribe it and I need it the same day.  You are telling me that I have to use your mail-order specialty pharmacy and that they can never get me these medicines the same day?!  How is it possible that NONE of your specialty customers has ever needed a prescription same day????"  

This whole call happened in the parking lot of the doctor's office.  Yep.  Another day.  Another round of crying in my car in a parking lot.  Anyway,  I went home to wait for the authorization call for the one-time override.  Mike was home by this time and I was so upset about the complete ridiculousness of this that all I could do was yell about it (probably the yelling that I had wanted to do at the insurance lady).  I decided that I couldn't wait and I called them back because while it's great that the situation is resolved today, I didn't want to have to deal with this every single flipping time I go to the doctor.  So I called the main customer care line and immediately started crying to the lady on the phone about this impossible scenario.  She quickly transfered me back to the specialty pharmacy (who I had just spoken with 30 minutes prior), but I got someone new this time.  I think her name was Lena. My sweet, sweet insurance angel Lena.  

Lena actually took the time to listen to my concerns and offer up some long-term solutions (what?!).  She said a member of the pharmacy team would call me and they could work with the main medical insurance plan to perhaps authorize UNLIMITED OVERRIDES!!!  She didn't make any promises but at least it's not a dead end.  Progress.

Yeah ... so more meds.  The ultrasound showed that my right ovary still has nothing going on and my left ovary now has 3 follicles of 13 mm.  So the follicle from last time didn't grow AT ALL.  Frustrating. But two new ones have popped into the running.  I'm definitely a slow responder.  So the doctor upped the dose to three vials per day for the next two days and I go back again on Wednesday.


  1. Ugh!! This is SO frustrating! Being a woman with all the hormones that entails is hard enough. Add extra hormones and drugs and you are in territory that no one wants to visit. :( I'm so sorry this has been such a trial... Thank goodness for Lena! Here's hoping that her scenario works!! And here's hoping that all of this work and stress and tears and love and help and effort turns into that baby that you and Mike have been wishing for! (You are not yelling in an empty room! Keep blogging!!)

  2. Yes, definitely not an empty room! Yay, Lena!